Friday, September 24, 2010


I have been kicking along this summer feeling good. My bladder surgery was very sucessful, my LGL is in remission, and the new meds for my RA are in control.
What more could I ask...the at general check up my dr. brings up again from last year that I really need to get a colonoscopy. My 2 specialists have been saying the same thing. Everyone has told me they had them and no problem, go in ,wake up and it is over. Well it was either never go back to the dr. again, or argue everytime, so I decided to do it....just suck it up and get it over with.
Last Monday I went. went in fully expecting to get the needle and wake up on the other side with it over. No one in years that I have talked to have said they felt a thing.
Now I am all pissed because I became aware about 4 or 5 times that it hurt like hell. They gave me more sedation, but I thought one time and it should have lasted. I had to tell them4 or 5 times.
In recovery when I ask what was wrong with their drugs, the dr. said he thought I was just worried. Sure I was worried about the test, but had not been worried about feeling it. And me being worried had nothing to do with not enough drugs. Said he doubled them....well if I ever go back he better have a tripple supply.
I have not got my test results back yet as to the polyps. I they are all ok, I serioiusly doubt it I ever have an other.
I know they have a little camera you can swallow and wait til it comes through. That sounds like a test that could got go far wrong.

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