Wednesday, February 11, 2009



The Ca woman who had 4 single births and a set of twins from invetro, before having the Octuplets, says they are a sign that she should stop having babies now. She evidently has not been watching the signs sent to her with her current 6, that she is already putting a drag on her family and the tax payers.
She said she was not on Welfare, today I heard she got $500.00 per month of Food stamps. She does not think the food program is welfare. I worked at the welare office for 18 years and part of my job was certifying Food Stamp recipients. In my state and most states these babies would be getting their health care through medicaid....or medi-cal in CA. The welfare office does the eligibility for that program also. Also at least 2 that I have heard so far of these 6 children are on disability, probably called SSI or something similiar. It is a state program for people who have not worked and become disabled and have no social security earnings. This does not come from the welfare office, but whatever agency dispenses it, it is funded by the taxpayers. The max amount per person is around $600 or so.
She says that she is going to go to school on grants and support these kids when she finishes. That is going to be a feat in itself with 14 kids....there is probably a child care program that she is eligible for.....yep you sign up for that at the WELFARE office too.
Damn, it is beginning to sound like this woman is on welfare, and our tax money is supporting these 6 we can get ready for 8 more. 8 more medi=cal cards, double the 500 dollars in Food Stamps. And pray that none of the new 8 are disabled.
I know she got some lawsuit money, so I am hoping it paid the invetro procedures.
This is the craziest woman I have come across in a long time.
I am a bleeding heart liberal that thinks all of these welfare programs have a place, and are there to help people. But this case has me so angry and stirred up, that I have thought about getting a consultation with Ann Coulter, to see if she can change me.

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